Lene Grawford Nystrom Edit

(born Lene Grawford Nystrøm on October 2, 1973 in Tonsberg, Norway) is a Norwegian singer, who is best known as the lead vocalist of the pop-dance group Aqua.

Early Years Edit

During her teenage years, Lene developed an interest in performing and began her adult life as a barmaid and model.

During the Aqua-days she had homes in both United States and Denmark.

The relationship between Lene and Søren Rasted is rumored to be one of the reasons Aqua disbanded in 2001. Originally Lene was dating René Dif. Then she dated Søren.

Lene married Søren on August 25, 2001. After the marriage, Lene moved to live permanently in Denmark. On November 6, 2004, she gave birth to a daughter, India. The couple welcomed their second child, a boy named Billy, in 2006. The couple announced their divorce on 27 April 2017 after sixteen years of marriage.

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